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PRE-ORDER – Rejoin: The Facts

PRE-ORDER – Rejoin: The Facts

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We are proud to announce that pre-orders are now open for our new book Rejoin: The Facts.

The book contains 20 questions on how we can rejoin the EU, with answers reviewed by EU experts.

Would the EU have us back? Would we have to join the euro? Will it take a decade? In Rejoin: The Facts, we show how the obstacles placed in the way of rejoining are either myths or can be overcome.

We have aimed to make this the definitive guide to the process of rejoining.

Why pre-order? As we finish putting the book together, it is hugely helpful for us to have an idea of how many copies to print - and you'll get the book as soon as it is published.

When will I receive the book? We expect UK delivery in around 2 months and international delivery in 3 months.

Where does the cover price go? Printing, delivery, and any left over will go right back into our Rejoin campaigning!

Thank you so much for your support and after all the work, we hope you are interested in our book.